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Niepodleglosc (2008)

Niepodleglosc - wybierz rok:
- Niepodleglosc (2001) (porownaj)
- Niepodleglosc (2002) (porownaj)
- Niepodleglosc (2003) (porownaj)
- Niepodleglosc (2004) (porownaj)
- Niepodleglosc (2005) (porownaj)
- Niepodleglosc (2006) (porownaj)
- Niepodleglosc (2007) (porownaj)

Informacje o Niepodleglosc w 2008 rok

AfganistanAfganistan 19 sierpien 1919 (from UK control over Afghan foreign affairs)
AlbaniaAlbania 28 listopad 1912 (from the Ottoman Empire)
AlgieriaAlgieria 5 lipiec 1962 (from Francja)
Samoa AmerykanskieSamoa Amerykanskie none (territory of the US)
AndoraAndora 1278 (formed under the joint suzerainty of the French Count of Foix and the Spanish Bishop of Urgel)
AngolaAngola 11 listopad 1975 (from Portugalia)
AnguillaAnguilla none (overseas territory of the UK)
Antigua i BarbudaAntigua i Barbuda 1 listopad 1981 (from UK)
ArgentynaArgentyna 9 lipiec 1816 (from Hiszpania)
ArmeniaArmenia 21 wrzesien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
ArubaAruba none (part of the Kingdom of the Holandia)
AustraliaAustralia 1 styczen 1901 (federation of UK colonies)
AustriaAustria 976 (Margravate of Austria established); 17 wrzesien 1156 (Duchy of Austria founded); 11 sierpien 1804 (Austrian Empire proclaimed); 12 listopad 1918 (republic proclaimed)
AzerbejdzanAzerbejdzan 30 sierpien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
BahamyBahamy 10 lipiec 1973 (from UK)
BahrajnBahrajn 15 sierpien 1971 (from UK)
BangladeszBangladesz 16 grudzien 1971 (from West Pakistan); note - 26 marzec 1971 is the date of independence from West Pakistan, 16 grudzien 1971 is known as Victory Day and commemorates the official creation of the state of Bangladesz
BarbadosBarbados 30 listopad 1966 (from UK)
BialorusBialorus 25 sierpien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
BelgiaBelgia 4 pazdziernik 1830 (a provisional government declared independence from the Holandia); 21 lipiec 1831 (King LEOPOLD I ascended to the throne)
BelizeBelize 21 wrzesien 1981 (from UK)
BeninBenin 1 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
BermudyBermudy none (overseas territory of the UK)
BhutanBhutan 1907 (became a unified kingdom under its first hereditary king)
BoliwiaBoliwia 6 sierpien 1825 (from Hiszpania)
Bosnia i HercegowinaBosnia i Hercegowina 1 marzec 1992 (from Jugoslawia; referendum dla independence completed 1 marzec 1992; independence declared 3 marzec 1992)
BotswanaBotswana 30 wrzesien 1966 (from UK)
BrazyliaBrazylia 7 wrzesien 1822 (from Portugalia)
Brytyjskie Wyspy DziewiczeBrytyjskie Wyspy Dziewicze none (overseas territory of the UK)
BruneiBrunei 1 styczen 1984 (from UK)
BulgariaBulgaria 3 marzec 1878 (as an autonomous principality within the Ottoman Empire); 22 wrzesien 1908 (complete independence from the Ottoman Empire)
Burkina FasoBurkina Faso 5 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
BirmaBirma 4 styczen 1948 (from UK)
BurundiBurundi 1 lipiec 1962 (from UN trusteeship under Belgian administration)
KambodzaKambodza 9 listopad 1953 (from Francja)
KamerunKamerun 1 styczen 1960 (from French-administered UN trusteeship)
KanadaKanada 1 lipiec 1867 (union of British North American colonies); 11 grudzien 1931 (recognized by UK)
Republika Zielonego PrzyladkaRepublika Zielonego Przyladka 5 lipiec 1975 (from Portugalia)
KajmanyKajmany none (overseas territory of the UK)
Cesarstwo SrodkowoafrykanskieCesarstwo Srodkowoafrykanskie 13 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
CzadCzad 11 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
ChileChile 18 wrzesien 1810 (from Hiszpania)
ChinyChiny 221 BC (unification under the Qin or Ch'in Dynasty); 1 styczen 1912 (Manchu Dynasty replaced by a Republic); 1 pazdziernik 1949 (People's Republic established)
Wyspa Bozego NarodzeniaWyspa Bozego Narodzenia none (territory of Australia)
Wyspy KokosoweWyspy Kokosowe none (territory of Australia)
KolumbiaKolumbia 20 lipiec 1810 (from Hiszpania)
KomoryKomory 6 lipiec 1975 (from Francja)
Kongo, Republika DemokratycznaKongo, Republika Demokratyczna 30 czerwiec 1960 (from Belgia)
Kongo, RepublikaKongo, Republika 15 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
Wyspy CookaWyspy Cooka none (became self-governing w free association z Nowa Zelandia on 4 sierpien 1965 and has the right at any time to move to full independence by unilateral action)
KostarykaKostaryka 15 wrzesien 1821 (from Hiszpania)
Cote d'IvoireCote d'Ivoire 7 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
ChorwacjaChorwacja 25 czerwiec 1991 (from Jugoslawia)
KubaKuba 20 maj 1902 (from Hiszpania 10 grudzien 1898; administered by the US from 1898 to 1902); not acknowledged by the Kuban Government as a day of independence
CyprCypr 16 sierpien 1960 (from UK); note - Turkish Cypriots proclaimed self-rule on 13 luty 1975 and independence w 1983, but these proclamations are only recognized by Turcja
CzechyCzechy 1 styczen 1993 (Czechoslovakia split into the Czechy and Slowacja)
DaniaDania first organized as a unified state w 10th century; w 1849 became a constitutional monarchy
DzibutiDzibuti 27 czerwiec 1977 (from Francja)
DominikaDominika 3 listopad 1978 (from UK)
Republika DominikanskaRepublika Dominikanska 27 luty 1844 (from Haiti)
EkwadorEkwador 24 maj 1822 (from Hiszpania)
EgiptEgipt 28 luty 1922 (from UK)
SalwadorSalwador 15 wrzesien 1821 (from Hiszpania)
Gwinea RównikowaGwinea Równikowa 12 pazdziernik 1968 (from Hiszpania)
ErytreaErytrea 24 maj 1993 (from Etiopia)
EstoniaEstonia 20 sierpien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
EtiopiaEtiopia oldest independent country w Africa and one of the oldest w the world - at least 2,000 years
Unia EuropejskaUnia Europejska 7 luty 1992 (Maastricht Treaty signed establishing the EU); 1 listopad 1993 (Maastricht Treaty entered into force)
FalklandyFalklandy none (overseas territory of the UK; also claimed by Argentyna)
Wyspy OwczeWyspy Owcze none (part of the Kingdom of Dania; self-governing overseas administrative division of Dania)
FidziFidzi 10 pazdziernik 1970 (from UK)
FinlandiaFinlandia 6 grudzien 1917 (from Rosja)
FrancjaFrancja 486 (Frankish tribes unified); 843 (Western Francia established from the division of the Carolingian Empire)
Polinezja FrancuskaPolinezja Francuska none (overseas lands of Francja)
GabonGabon 17 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
GambiaGambia 18 luty 1965 (from UK)
GeorgiaGeorgia 9 kwiecien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
NiemcyNiemcy 18 styczen 1871 (German Empire unification); divided into four zones of occupation (UK, US, USSR, and later, Francja) w 1945 following Swiat War II; Federal Republic of Niemcy (FRG or West Niemcy) proclaimed 23 maj 1949 and included the former UK, US, and French zones; German Democratic Republic (GDR or East Niemcy) proclaimed 7 pazdziernik 1949 and included the former USSR zone; unification of West Niemcy and East Niemcy took place 3 pazdziernik 1990; all four powers formally relinquished rights 15 marzec 1991
GhanaGhana 6 marzec 1957 (from UK)
GibraltarGibraltar none (overseas territory of the UK)
GrecjaGrecja 1829 (from the Ottoman Empire)
GrenlandiaGrenlandia none (extensive self-rule as part of the Kingdom of Dania; foreign affairs is the responsibility of Dania, but Grenlandia actively participates w international agreements relating to Grenlandia)
GrenadaGrenada 7 luty 1974 (from UK)
GuamGuam none (territory of the US)
GwatemalaGwatemala 15 wrzesien 1821 (from Hiszpania)
GuernseyGuernsey none (British crown dependency)
GwineaGwinea 2 pazdziernik 1958 (from Francja)
Gwinea BissauGwinea Bissau 24 wrzesien 1973 (declared); 10 wrzesien 1974 (recognized by Portugalia)
GujanaGujana 26 maj 1966 (from UK)
HaitiHaiti 1 styczen 1804 (from Francja)
WatykanWatykan 11 luty 1929 (from Wlochy); note - the three treaties signed z Wlochy on 11 luty 1929 acknowledged, among other things, the full sovereignty of the Vatican and established its territorial extent; however, the origin of the Papal States, which over the years have varied considerably w extent, may be traced back to the 8th century
HondurasHonduras 15 wrzesien 1821 (from Hiszpania)
Hong KongHong Kong none (special administrative region of Chiny)
WegryWegry 25 grudzien 1000 (crowning of King STEPHEN I, traditional founding date)
IslandiaIslandia 1 grudzien 1918 (became a sovereign state under the Danish Crown); 17 czerwiec 1944 (from Dania)
IndieIndie 15 sierpien 1947 (from UK)
IndonezjaIndonezja 17 sierpien 1945 (declared)

note: recognized by the Holandia on 27 grudzien 1949; w sierpien 2005, the Holandia announced it recognized de facto Indonezjan independence on 17 sierpien 1945
IranIran 1 kwiecien 1979 (Islamic Republic of Iran proclaimed)
IrakIrak 3 pazdziernik 1932 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration); note - on 28 czerwiec 2004 the Coalition Provisional Authority transferred sovereignty to the Iraki-controlled Government
IrlandiaIrlandia 6 grudzien 1921 (from UK by treaty)
Wyspa ManWyspa Man none (British crown dependency)
IzraelIzrael 14 maj 1948 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration)
WlochyWlochy 17 marzec 1861 (Kingdom of Wlochy proclaimed; Wlochy was not finally unified until 1870)
JamajkaJamajka 6 sierpien 1962 (from UK)
JaponiaJaponia 660 B.C. (traditional founding by Emperor JIMMU)
JerseyJersey none (British crown dependency)
JordaniaJordania 25 maj 1946 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration)
KazachstanKazachstan 16 grudzien 1991 (from the Soviet Union)
KeniaKenia 12 grudzien 1963 (from UK)
KiribatiKiribati 12 lipiec 1979 (from UK)
Polnocna KoreaPolnocna Korea 15 sierpien 1945 (from Japonia)
Poludniowa KoreaPoludniowa Korea 15 sierpien 1945 (from Japonia)
KuwejtKuwejt 19 czerwiec 1961 (from UK)
KirgistanKirgistan 31 sierpien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
LaosLaos 19 lipiec 1949 (from Francja)
LotwaLotwa 18 listopad 1918 (from Soviet Rosja)
LibanLiban 22 listopad 1943 (from League of Nations mandate under French administration)
LesothoLesotho 4 pazdziernik 1966 (from UK)
LiberiaLiberia 26 lipiec 1847
LibiaLibia 24 grudzien 1951 (from UN trusteeship)
LiechtensteinLiechtenstein 23 styczen 1719 (Principality of Liechtenstein established); 12 lipiec 1806 (independence from the Holy Roman Empire)
LitwaLitwa 11 marzec 1990 (declared); 6 wrzesien 1991 (recognized by Soviet Union)
LuksemburgLuksemburg 1839 (from the Holandia)
MakauMakau none (special administrative region of Chiny)
MacedoniaMacedonia 8 wrzesien 1991 (referendum by registered voters endorsed independence from Jugoslawia)
MadagaskarMadagaskar 26 czerwiec 1960 (from Francja)
MalawiMalawi 6 lipiec 1964 (from UK)
MalezjaMalezja 31 sierpien 1957 (from UK)
MalediwyMalediwy 26 lipiec 1965 (from UK)
MaliMali 22 wrzesien 1960 (from Francja)
MaltaMalta 21 wrzesien 1964 (from UK)
Wyspy MarshallaWyspy Marshalla 21 pazdziernik 1986 (from the US-administered UN trusteeship)
MauretaniaMauretania 28 listopad 1960 (from Francja)
MauritiusMauritius 12 marzec 1968 (from UK)
MajottaMajotta none (territorial overseas collectivity of Francja)
MeksykMeksyk 16 wrzesien 1810 (declared); 27 wrzesien 1821 (recognized by Hiszpania)
Mikronezja, Sfederowane Stany MikronezjiMikronezja, Sfederowane Stany Mikronezji 3 listopad 1986 (from the US-administered UN trusteeship)
MoldawiaMoldawia 27 sierpien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
MonakoMonako 1419 (beginning of rule by the House of Grimaldi)
MongoliaMongolia 11 lipiec 1921 (from Chiny)
CzarnogoraCzarnogora 3 czerwiec 2006 (from Federalna Republika Jugoslawii)
MontserratMontserrat none (overseas territory of the UK)
MarokoMaroko 2 marzec 1956 (from Francja)
MozambikMozambik 25 czerwiec 1975 (from Portugalia)
NamibiaNamibia 21 marzec 1990 (from Republika Poludniowej Afrykin mandate)
NauruNauru 31 styczen 1968 (from the Australia-, NZ-, and UK-administered UN trusteeship)
NepalNepal 1768 (unified by Prithvi Narayan SHAH)
HolandiaHolandia 23 styczen 1579 (the northern provinces of the Low Countries conclude the Union of Utrecht breaking z Hiszpania; on 26 lipiec 1581 they formally declared their independence z an Act of Abjuration; however, it was not until 30 styczen 1648 and the Peace of Westphalia that Hiszpania recognized this independence)
Antyle HolenderskieAntyle Holenderskie none (part of the Kingdom of the Holandia)
Nowa KaledoniaNowa Kaledonia none (overseas territory of Francja); note - a referendum on independence was held w 1998 but did not pass; a new referendum is scheduled dla 2014
Nowa ZelandiaNowa Zelandia 26 wrzesien 1907 (from UK)
NikaraguaNikaragua 15 wrzesien 1821 (from Hiszpania)
NigerNiger 3 sierpien 1960 (from Francja)
NigeriaNigeria 1 pazdziernik 1960 (from UK)
NiueNiue on 19 pazdziernik 1974, Niue became a self-governing parliamentary government w free association z Nowa Zelandia
Wyspa NorfolkWyspa Norfolk none (territory of Australia)
Mariany PolnocneMariany Polnocne none (commonwealth w political union z the US)
NorwegiaNorwegia 7 czerwiec 1905 (Norwegia declared the union z Szwecja dissolved); 26 pazdziernik 1905 (Szwecja agreed to the repeal of the union)
OmanOman 1650 (expulsion of the Portuguese)
PakistanPakistan 14 sierpien 1947 (from British Indie)
PalauPalau 1 pazdziernik 1994 (from the US-administered UN trusteeship)
PanamaPanama 3 listopad 1903 (from Kolumbia; became independent from Hiszpania 28 listopad 1821)
Papua-Nowa GwineaPapua-Nowa Gwinea 16 wrzesien 1975 (from the Australian-administered UN trusteeship)
ParagwajParagwaj 14 maj 1811 (from Hiszpania)
PeruPeru 28 lipiec 1821 (from Hiszpania)
FilipinyFilipiny 12 czerwiec 1898 (independence proclaimed from Hiszpania); 4 lipiec 1946 (from the US)
PitcairnPitcairn none (overseas territory of the UK)
PolskaPolska 11 listopad 1918 (republic proclaimed)
PortugaliaPortugalia 1143 (Kingdom of Portugalia recognized); 5 pazdziernik 1910 (republic proclaimed)
PortorykoPortoryko none (territory of the US z commonwealth status)
KatarKatar 3 wrzesien 1971 (from UK)
RumuniaRumunia 9 maj 1877 (independence proclaimed from the Ottoman Empire; independence recognized 13 lipiec 1878 by the Treaty of Berlin); 26 marzec 1881 (kingdom proclaimed); 30 grudzien 1947 (republic proclaimed)
RosjaRosja 24 sierpien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
RuandaRuanda 1 lipiec 1962 (from Belgia-administered UN trusteeship)
Saint-BarthelemySaint-Barthelemy none (overseas collectivity of Francja)
Swieta HelenaSwieta Helena none (overseas territory of the UK)
Saint Kitts i NevisSaint Kitts i Nevis 19 wrzesien 1983 (from UK)
Saint LuciaSaint Lucia 22 luty 1979 (from UK)
Saint MartinSaint Martin none (overseas collectivity of Francja)
Saint-Pierre i MiquelonSaint-Pierre i Miquelon none (territorial collectivity of Francja; has been under French control since 1763)
Saint Vincent i GrenadynySaint Vincent i Grenadyny 27 pazdziernik 1979 (from UK)
SamoaSamoa 1 styczen 1962 (from Nowa Zelandia-administered UN trusteeship)
San MarinoSan Marino 3 wrzesien AD 301
Wyspy Swietego Tomasza i KsiazecaWyspy Swietego Tomasza i Ksiazeca 12 lipiec 1975 (from Portugalia)
Arabia SaudyjskaArabia Saudyjska 23 wrzesien 1932 (unification of the kingdom)
SenegalSenegal 4 kwiecien 1960 (from Francja); note - complete independence achieved upon dissolution of federation z Mali on 20 sierpien 1960
SerbiaSerbia 5 czerwiec 2006 (from Federalna Republika Jugoslawii)
SeszeleSeszele 29 czerwiec 1976 (from UK)
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone 27 kwiecien 1961 (from UK)
SingapurSingapur 9 sierpien 1965 (from Malezjan Federation)
SlowacjaSlowacja 1 styczen 1993 (Czechoslovakia split into the Czechy and Slowacja)
SloweniaSlowenia 25 czerwiec 1991 (from Jugoslawia)
Wyspy SalomonaWyspy Salomona 7 lipiec 1978 (from UK)
SomaliaSomalia 1 lipiec 1960 (from a merger of British Somaliland, which became independent from the UK on 26 czerwiec 1960, and Italian Somaliland, which became independent from the Italian-administered UN trusteeship on 1 lipiec 1960, to form the Somali Republic)
Republika Poludniowej AfrykiRepublika Poludniowej Afryki 31 maj 1910 (Union of Republika Poludniowej Afryki formed from four British colonies: Cape Colony, Natal, Transvaal, and Orange Free State); 31 maj 1961 (republic declared) 27 kwiecien 1994 (majority rule)
HiszpaniaHiszpania the Iberian peninsula was characterized by a variety of independent kingdoms prior to the Muslim occupation that began w the early 8th century A.D. and lasted nearly seven centuries; the small Christian redoubts of the north began the reconquest almost immediately, culminating w the seizure of Granada w 1492; this event completed the unification of several kingdoms and is traditionally considered the forging of present-day Hiszpania
Sri LankaSri Lanka 4 luty 1948 (from UK)
SudanSudan 1 styczen 1956 (from Egipt and UK)
SurinamSurinam 25 listopad 1975 (from the Holandia)
SvalbardSvalbard none (territory of Norwegia)
SuaziSuazi 6 wrzesien 1968 (from UK)
SzwecjaSzwecja 6 czerwiec 1523 (Gustav VASA elected king)
SzwajcariaSzwajcaria 1 sierpien 1291 (founding of the Swiss Confederation)
SyriaSyria 17 kwiecien 1946 (from League of Nations mandate under French administration)
TadzykistanTadzykistan 9 wrzesien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
TanzaniaTanzania 26 kwiecien 1964; Tanganyika became independent 9 grudzien 1961 (from UK-administered UN trusteeship); Zanzibar became independent 19 grudzien 1963 (from UK); Tanganyika united z Zanzibar 26 kwiecien 1964 to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar; renamed United Republic of Tanzania 29 pazdziernik 1964
TajlandiaTajlandia 1238 (traditional founding date; never colonized)
Timor WschodniTimor Wschodni 28 listopad 1975 (independence proclaimed from Portugalia); note - 20 maj 2002 is the official date of international recognition of Timor Wschodni's independence from Indonezja
TogoTogo 27 kwiecien 1960 (from French-administered UN trusteeship)
TokelauTokelau none (territory of Nowa Zelandia)
TongaTonga 4 czerwiec 1970 (from UK protectorate)
Trynidad i TobagoTrynidad i Tobago 31 sierpien 1962 (from UK)
TunezjaTunezja 20 marzec 1956 (from Francja)
TurcjaTurcja 29 pazdziernik 1923 (successor state to the Ottoman Empire)
TurkmenistanTurkmenistan 27 pazdziernik 1991 (from the Soviet Union)
Turks i CaicosTurks i Caicos none (overseas territory of the UK)
TuvaluTuvalu 1 pazdziernik 1978 (from UK)
UgandaUganda 9 pazdziernik 1962 (from UK)
UkrainaUkraina 24 sierpien 1991 (from the Soviet Union)
Zjednoczone Emiraty ArabskieZjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie 2 grudzien 1971 (from UK)
Wielka BrytaniaWielka Brytania England has existed as a unified entity since the 10th century; the union between England and Wales, begun w 1284 z the Statute of Rhuddlan, was not formalized until 1536 z an Act of Union; w another Act of Union w 1707, England and Scotland agreed to permanently join as Great Britain; the legislative union of Great Britain and Irlandia was implemented w 1801, z the adoption of the name the Wielka Brytania of Great Britain and Irlandia; the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921 formalized a partition of Irlandia; six northern Irish counties remained part of the Wielka Brytania as Northern Irlandia and the current name of the country, the Wielka Brytania of Great Britain and Northern Irlandia, was adopted w 1927
Stany ZjednoczoneStany Zjednoczone 4 lipiec 1776 (from Great Britain)
UrugwajUrugwaj 25 sierpien 1825 (from Brazylia)
UzbekistanUzbekistan 1 wrzesien 1991 (from Soviet Union)
VanuatuVanuatu 30 lipiec 1980 (from Francja and UK)
WenezuelaWenezuela 5 lipiec 1811 (from Hiszpania)
WietnamWietnam 2 wrzesien 1945 (from Francja)
Wyspy DziewiczeWyspy Dziewicze none (territory of the US)
Wallis i FutunaWallis i Futuna none (overseas territory of Francja)
JemenJemen 22 maj 1990 (Republic of Jemen was established z the merger of the Jemen Arab Republic [Jemen (Sanaa) or North Jemen] and the Marxist-dominated People's Democratic Republic of Jemen [Jemen (Aden) or South Jemen]); note - previously North Jemen became independent w listopad 1918 (from the Ottoman Empire) and became a republic z the overthrow of the theocratic Imamate w 1962; South Jemen became independent on 30 listopad 1967 (from the UK)
ZambiaZambia 24 pazdziernik 1964 (from UK)
ZimbabweZimbabwe 18 kwiecien 1980 (from UK)
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