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Naturalne zagrozenia (2008)

Naturalne zagrozenia - wybierz rok:
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Informacje o Naturalne zagrozenia w 2008 rok

AfganistanAfganistan damaging earthquakes occur w Hindu Kush mountains; flooding; droughts
AlbaniaAlbania destructive earthquakes; tsunamis occur along southwestern coast; floods; drought
AlgieriaAlgieria mountainous areas subject to severe earthquakes; mudslides and floods w rainy season
Samoa AmerykanskieSamoa Amerykanskie typhoons common from grudzien to marzec
AndoraAndora avalanches
AngolaAngola locally heavy rainfall causes periodic flooding on the plateau
AnguillaAnguilla frequent hurricanes and other tropical storms (lipiec to pazdziernik)
AntarktydaAntarktyda katabatic (gravity-driven) winds blow coastward from the high interior; frequent blizzards form near the foot of the plateau; cyclonic storms form over the ocean and move clockwise along the coast; volcanism on Deception Island and isolated areas of West Antarktyda; other seismic activity rare and weak; large icebergs may calve from ice shelf
Antigua i BarbudaAntigua i Barbuda hurricanes and tropical storms (lipiec to pazdziernik); periodic droughts
Ocean ArktycznyOcean Arktyczny ice islands occasionally break away from northern Ellesmere Island; icebergs calved from glaciers w western Grenlandia and extreme northeastern Kanada; permafrost w islands; virtually ice locked from pazdziernik to czerwiec; ships subject to superstructure icing from pazdziernik to maj
ArgentynaArgentyna San Miguel de Tucuman and Mendoza areas w the Andes subject to earthquakes; pamperos are violent windstorms that can strike the pampas and northeast; heavy flooding
ArmeniaArmenia occasionally severe earthquakes; droughts
ArubaAruba lies outside the Caribbean hurricane belt
Wyspy Ashmore i CartieraWyspy Ashmore i Cartiera surrounded by shoals and reefs that can pose maritime hazards
Ocean AtlantyckiOcean Atlantycki icebergs common w Davis Strait, Dania Strait, and the northwestern Ocean Atlantycki from luty to sierpien and have been spotted as far south as Bermudy and the Madeira Islands; ships subject to superstructure icing w extreme northern Atlantic from pazdziernik to maj; persistent fog can be a maritime hazard from maj to wrzesien; hurricanes (maj to grudzien)
AustraliaAustralia cyclones along the coast; severe droughts; forest fires
AustriaAustria landslides; avalanches; earthquakes
AzerbejdzanAzerbejdzan droughts
BahamyBahamy hurricanes and other tropical storms cause extensive flood and wind damage
BahrajnBahrajn periodic droughts; dust storms
Wyspa BakerWyspa Baker the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard
BangladeszBangladesz droughts, cyclones; much of the country routinely inundated during the summer monsoon season
BarbadosBarbados infrequent hurricanes; periodic landslides
BialorusBialorus NA
BelgiaBelgia flooding is a threat along rivers and w areas of reclaimed coastal land, protected from the sea by concrete dikes
BelizeBelize frequent, devastating hurricanes (czerwiec to listopad) and coastal flooding (especially w south)
BeninBenin hot, dry, dusty harmattan wind may affect north from grudzien to marzec
BermudyBermudy hurricanes (czerwiec to listopad)
BhutanBhutan violent storms from the Himalayas are the source of the country's name, which translates as Land of the Thunder Dragon; frequent landslides during the rainy season
BoliwiaBoliwia flooding w the northeast (March-April)
Bosnia i HercegowinaBosnia i Hercegowina destructive earthquakes
BotswanaBotswana periodic droughts; seasonal sierpien winds blow from the west, carrying sand and dust across the country, which can obscure visibility
Wyspa BouvetaWyspa Bouveta NA
BrazyliaBrazylia recurring droughts w northeast; floods and occasional frost w south
Brytyjskie Terytorium Oceanu IndyjskiegoBrytyjskie Terytorium Oceanu Indyjskiego NA
Brytyjskie Wyspy DziewiczeBrytyjskie Wyspy Dziewicze hurricanes and tropical storms (lipiec to pazdziernik)
BruneiBrunei typhoons, earthquakes, and severe flooding are rare
BulgariaBulgaria earthquakes, landslides
Burkina FasoBurkina Faso recurring droughts
BirmaBirma destructive earthquakes and cyclones; flooding and landslides common during rainy season (czerwiec to wrzesien); periodic droughts
BurundiBurundi flooding, landslides, drought
KambodzaKambodza monsoonal rains (czerwiec to listopad); flooding; occasional droughts
KamerunKamerun volcanic activity z periodic releases of poisonous gases from Lake Nyos and Lake Monoun volcanoes
KanadaKanada continuous permafrost w north is a serious obstacle to development; cyclonic storms form east of the Rocky Mountains, a result of the mixing of air masses from the Arctic, Pacific, and North American interior, and produce most of the country's rain and snow east of the mountains
Republika Zielonego PrzyladkaRepublika Zielonego Przyladka prolonged droughts; seasonal harmattan wind produces obscuring dust; volcanically and seismically active
KajmanyKajmany hurricanes (lipiec to listopad)
Cesarstwo SrodkowoafrykanskieCesarstwo Srodkowoafrykanskie hot, dry, dusty harmattan winds affect northern areas; floods are common
CzadCzad hot, dry, dusty harmattan winds occur w north; periodic droughts; locust plagues
ChileChile severe earthquakes; active volcanism; tsunamis
ChinyChiny frequent typhoons (about five per year along southern and eastern coasts); damaging floods; tsunamis; earthquakes; droughts; land subsidence
Wyspa Bozego NarodzeniaWyspa Bozego Narodzenia the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard
ClippertonClipperton NA
Wyspy KokosoweWyspy Kokosowe cyclone season is pazdziernik to kwiecien
KolumbiaKolumbia highlands subject to volcanic eruptions; occasional earthquakes; periodic droughts
KomoryKomory cyclones possible during rainy season (grudzien to kwiecien); Le Kartala on Grand Comore is an active volcano
Kongo, Republika DemokratycznaKongo, Republika Demokratyczna periodic droughts w south; Congo River floods (seasonal); w the east, w the Great Rift Valley, there are active volcanoes
Kongo, RepublikaKongo, Republika seasonal flooding
Wyspy CookaWyspy Cooka typhoons (listopad to marzec)
Wyspy Morza KoralowegoWyspy Morza Koralowego occasional tropical cyclones
KostarykaKostaryka occasional earthquakes, hurricanes along Atlantic coast; frequent flooding of lowlands at onset of rainy season and landslides; active volcanoes
Cote d'IvoireCote d'Ivoire coast has heavy surf and no natural harbors; during the rainy season torrential flooding is possible
ChorwacjaChorwacja destructive earthquakes
KubaKuba the east coast is subject to hurricanes from sierpien to listopad (in general, the country averages about one hurricane every other year); droughts are common
CyprCypr moderate earthquake activity; droughts
CzechyCzechy flooding
DaniaDania flooding is a threat w some areas of the country (e.g., parts of Jutland, along the southern coast of the island of Lolland) that are protected from the sea by a system of dikes
DzibutiDzibuti earthquakes; droughts; occasional cyclonic disturbances from the Ocean Indyjski bring heavy rains and flash floods
DominikaDominika flash floods are a constant threat; destructive hurricanes can be expected during the late summer months
Republika DominikanskaRepublika Dominikanska lies w the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to severe storms from czerwiec to pazdziernik; occasional flooding; periodic droughts
EkwadorEkwador frequent earthquakes, landslides, volcanic activity; floods; periodic droughts
EgiptEgipt periodic droughts; frequent earthquakes, flash floods, landslides; hot, driving windstorm called khamsin occurs w spring; dust storms, sandstorms
SalwadorSalwador known as the Land of Volcanoes; frequent and sometimes destructive earthquakes and volcanic activity; extremely susceptible to hurricanes
Gwinea RównikowaGwinea Równikowa violent windstorms, flash floods
ErytreaErytrea frequent droughts; locust swarms
EstoniaEstonia sometimes flooding occurs w the spring
EtiopiaEtiopia geologically active Great Rift Valley susceptible to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions; frequent droughts
Unia EuropejskaUnia Europejska flooding along coasts; avalanches w mountainous area; earthquakes w the south; volcanic eruptions w Wlochy; periodic droughts w Hiszpania; ice floes w the Baltic
FalklandyFalklandy strong winds persist throughout the rok
Wyspy OwczeWyspy Owcze NA
FidziFidzi cyclonic storms can occur from listopad to styczen
FinlandiaFinlandia NA
FrancjaFrancja metropolitan Francja: flooding; avalanches; midwinter windstorms; drought; forest fires w south near the Mediterranean

overseas departments: hurricanes (cyclones), flooding, volcanic activity (Gwadelupa, Martynika, Reunion)
Polinezja FrancuskaPolinezja Francuska occasional cyclonic storms w styczen
Francuskie Terytoria Poludniowe i AntarktyczneFrancuskie Terytoria Poludniowe i Antarktyczne Ile Amsterdam and Ile Saint-Paul are inactive volcanoes; Wyspy Rozproszone subject to periodic cyclones; Bassas da Indie is a maritime hazard since it is under water dla a period of three hours prior to and following the high tide and surrounded by reefs
GabonGabon NA
GambiaGambia drought (rainfall has dropped by 30% w the last 30 years)
GazaGaza droughts
GeorgiaGeorgia earthquakes
NiemcyNiemcy flooding
GhanaGhana dry, dusty, northeastern harmattan winds occur from styczen to marzec; droughts
GibraltarGibraltar NA
GrecjaGrecja severe earthquakes
GrenlandiaGrenlandia continuous permafrost over northern two-thirds of the island
GrenadaGrenada lies on edge of hurricane belt; hurricane season lasts from czerwiec to listopad
GuamGuam frequent squalls during rainy season; relatively rare, but potentially very destructive typhoons (czerwiec - grudzien)
GwatemalaGwatemala numerous volcanoes w mountains, z occasional violent earthquakes; Caribbean coast extremely susceptible to hurricanes and other tropical storms
GuernseyGuernsey NA
GwineaGwinea hot, dry, dusty harmattan haze may reduce visibility during dry season
Gwinea BissauGwinea Bissau hot, dry, dusty harmattan haze may reduce visibility during dry season; brush fires
GujanaGujana flash floods are a constant threat during rainy seasons
HaitiHaiti lies w the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to severe storms from czerwiec to pazdziernik; occasional flooding and earthquakes; periodic droughts
Wyspy Heard i McDonaldaWyspy Heard i McDonalda Mawson Peak, an active volcano, is on Heard Island
WatykanWatykan NA
HondurasHonduras frequent, but generally mild, earthquakes; extremely susceptible to damaging hurricanes and floods along the Caribbean coast
Hong KongHong Kong occasional typhoons
HowlandHowland the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard
IslandiaIslandia earthquakes and volcanic activity
IndieIndie droughts; flash floods, as well as widespread and destructive flooding from monsoonal rains; severe thunderstorms; earthquakes
Ocean IndyjskiOcean Indyjski occasional icebergs pose navigational hazard w southern reaches
IndonezjaIndonezja occasional floods, severe droughts, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires
IranIran periodic droughts, floods; dust storms, sandstorms; earthquakes
IrakIrak dust storms, sandstorms, floods
IrlandiaIrlandia NA
Wyspa ManWyspa Man NA
IzraelIzrael sandstorms may occur during spring and summer; droughts; periodic earthquakes
WlochyWlochy regional risks include landslides, mudflows, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding; land subsidence w Venice
JamajkaJamajka hurricanes (especially lipiec to listopad)
Jan majenJan majen dominated by the volcano Haakon VII Toppen/Beerenberg; volcanic activity resumed w 1970; the most recent eruption occurred w 1985
JaponiaJaponia many dormant and some active volcanoes; about 1,500 seismic occurrences (mostly tremors) every year; tsunamis; typhoons
JarvisJarvis the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island poses a maritime hazard
JerseyJersey NA
JohnstonJohnston NA
JordaniaJordania droughts; periodic earthquakes
KazachstanKazachstan earthquakes w the south, mudslides around Almaty
KeniaKenia recurring drought; flooding during rainy seasons
KingmanKingman wet or awash most of the time, maximum elevation of about 1 meter makes Kingman a maritime hazard
KiribatiKiribati typhoons can occur any time, but usually listopad to marzec; occasional tornadoes; low level of some of the islands make them very sensitive to changes w sea level
Polnocna KoreaPolnocna Korea late spring droughts often followed by severe flooding; occasional typhoons during the early fall
Poludniowa KoreaPoludniowa Korea occasional typhoons bring high winds and floods; low-level seismic activity common w southwest
KuwejtKuwejt sudden cloudbursts are common from pazdziernik to kwiecien and bring heavy rain, which can damage roads and houses; sandstorms and dust storms occur throughout the year, but are most common between marzec and sierpien
KirgistanKirgistan NA
LaosLaos floods, droughts
LotwaLotwa NA
LibanLiban dust storms, sandstorms
LesothoLesotho periodic droughts
LiberiaLiberia dust-laden harmattan winds blow from the Sahara (grudzien to marzec)
LibiaLibia hot, dry, dust-laden ghibli is a southern wind lasting one to four days w spring and fall; dust storms, sandstorms
LiechtensteinLiechtenstein NA
LitwaLitwa NA
LuksemburgLuksemburg NA
MakauMakau typhoons
MacedoniaMacedonia high seismic risks
MadagaskarMadagaskar periodic cyclones, drought, and locust infestation
MalawiMalawi NA
MalezjaMalezja flooding, landslides, forest fires
MalediwyMalediwy low level of islands makes them very sensitive to sea level rise
MaliMali hot, dust-laden harmattan haze common during dry seasons; recurring droughts; occasional Niger River flooding
MaltaMalta NA
Wyspy MarshallaWyspy Marshalla infrequent typhoons
MauretaniaMauretania hot, dry, dust/sand-laden sirocco wind blows primarily w marzec and kwiecien; periodic droughts
MauritiusMauritius cyclones (listopad to kwiecien); almost completely surrounded by reefs that may pose maritime hazards
MajottaMajotta cyclones during rainy season
MeksykMeksyk tsunamis along the Pacific coast, volcanoes and destructive earthquakes w the center and south, and hurricanes on the Pacific, Gulf of Meksyk, and Caribbean coasts
Mikronezja, Sfederowane Stany MikronezjiMikronezja, Sfederowane Stany Mikronezji typhoons (czerwiec to grudzien)
MidwayMidway NA
MoldawiaMoldawia landslides (57 cases w 1998)
MonakoMonako NA
MongoliaMongolia dust storms, grassland and forest fires, drought, and "zud," which is harsh winter conditions
CzarnogoraCzarnogora destructive earthquakes
MontserratMontserrat severe hurricanes (czerwiec to listopad); volcanic eruptions (Soufriere Hills volcano has erupted continuously since 1995)
MarokoMaroko northern mountains geologically unstable and subject to earthquakes; periodic droughts
MozambikMozambik severe droughts; devastating cyclones and floods w central and southern provinces
NamibiaNamibia prolonged periods of drought
NauruNauru periodic droughts
NavassaNavassa hurricanes
NepalNepal severe thunderstorms, flooding, landslides, drought, and famine depending on the timing, intensity, and duration of the summer monsoons
HolandiaHolandia flooding
Antyle HolenderskieAntyle Holenderskie Curacao and Bonaire are south of Caribbean hurricane belt and are rarely threatened; Sint Maarten, Saba, and Sint Eustatius are subject to hurricanes from lipiec to pazdziernik
Nowa KaledoniaNowa Kaledonia cyclones, most frequent from listopad to marzec
Nowa ZelandiaNowa Zelandia earthquakes are common, though usually not severe; volcanic activity
NikaraguaNikaragua destructive earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides; extremely susceptible to hurricanes
NigerNiger recurring droughts
NigeriaNigeria periodic droughts; flooding
NiueNiue typhoons
Wyspa NorfolkWyspa Norfolk typhoons (especially maj to lipiec)
Mariany PolnocneMariany Polnocne active volcanoes on Pagan and Agrihan; typhoons (especially sierpien to listopad)
NorwegiaNorwegia rockslides, avalanches
OmanOman summer winds often raise large sandstorms and dust storms w interior; periodic droughts
Ocean SpokojnyOcean Spokojny surrounded by a zone of violent volcanic and earthquake activity sometimes referred to as the "Pacific Ring of Fire"; subject to tropical cyclones (typhoons) w southeast and east Asia from maj to grudzien (most frequent from lipiec to pazdziernik); tropical cyclones (hurricanes) may form south of Meksyk and strike Central America and Meksyk from czerwiec to pazdziernik (most common w sierpien and wrzesien); cyclical El Nino/La Nina phenomenon occurs w the equatorial Pacific, influencing weather w the Western Hemisphere and the western Pacific; ships subject to superstructure icing w extreme north from pazdziernik to maj; persistent fog w the northern Pacific can be a maritime hazard from czerwiec to grudzien
PakistanPakistan frequent earthquakes, occasionally severe especially w north and west; flooding along the Indus after heavy rains (lipiec and sierpien)
PalauPalau typhoons (czerwiec to grudzien)
PalmyraPalmyra NA
PanamaPanama occasional severe storms and forest fires w the Darien area
Papua-Nowa GwineaPapua-Nowa Gwinea active volcanism; situated along the Pacific "Ring of Fire"; the country is subject to frequent and sometimes severe earthquakes; mud slides; tsunamis
Wyspy ParacelskieWyspy Paracelskie typhoons
ParagwajParagwaj local flooding w southeast (early wrzesien to czerwiec); poorly drained plains may become boggy (early pazdziernik to czerwiec)
PeruPeru earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, landslides, mild volcanic activity
FilipinyFilipiny astride typhoon belt, usually affected by 15 and struck by five to six cyclonic storms per year; landslides; active volcanoes; destructive earthquakes; tsunamis
PitcairnPitcairn typhoons (especially listopad to marzec)
PolskaPolska flooding
PortugaliaPortugalia Azores subject to severe earthquakes
PortorykoPortoryko periodic droughts; hurricanes
KatarKatar haze, dust storms, sandstorms common
RumuniaRumunia earthquakes, most severe w south and southwest; geologic structure and climate promote landslides
RosjaRosja permafrost over much of Siberia is a major impediment to development; volcanic activity w the Kuril Islands; volcanoes and earthquakes on the Kamchatka Peninsula; spring floods and summer/autumn forest fires throughout Siberia and parts of European Rosja
RuandaRuanda periodic droughts; the volcanic Virunga mountains are w the northwest along the border z Democratic Republic of the Congo
Swieta HelenaSwieta Helena active volcanism on Tristan da Cunha, last eruption w 1961
Saint Kitts i NevisSaint Kitts i Nevis hurricanes (lipiec to pazdziernik)
Saint LuciaSaint Lucia hurricanes and volcanic activity
Saint-Pierre i MiquelonSaint-Pierre i Miquelon persistent fog throughout the year can be a maritime hazard
Saint Vincent i GrenadynySaint Vincent i Grenadyny hurricanes; Soufriere volcano on the island of Saint Vincent is a constant threat
SamoaSamoa occasional typhoons; active volcanism
San MarinoSan Marino NA
Wyspy Swietego Tomasza i KsiazecaWyspy Swietego Tomasza i Ksiazeca NA
Arabia SaudyjskaArabia Saudyjska frequent sand and dust storms
SenegalSenegal lowlands seasonally flooded; periodic droughts
SerbiaSerbia destructive earthquakes
SeszeleSeszele lies outside the cyclone belt, so severe storms are rare; short droughts possible
Sierra LeoneSierra Leone dry, sand-laden harmattan winds blow from the Sahara (grudzien to luty); sandstorms, dust storms
SingapurSingapur NA
SlowacjaSlowacja NA
SloweniaSlowenia flooding and earthquakes
Wyspy SalomonaWyspy Salomona typhoons, but rarely destructive; geologically active region z frequent earthquakes, tremors, and volcanic activity; tsunamis
SomaliaSomalia recurring droughts; frequent dust storms over eastern plains w summer; floods during rainy season
Republika Poludniowej AfrykiRepublika Poludniowej Afryki prolonged droughts
Georgia Poludniowa i Sandwich PoludniowyGeorgia Poludniowa i Sandwich Poludniowy the South Sandwich Islands have prevailing weather conditions that generally make them difficult to approach by ship; they are also subject to active volcanism
Ocean PoludniowyOcean Poludniowy huge icebergs z drafts up to several hundred meters; smaller bergs and iceberg fragments; sea ice (generally 0.5 to 1 m thick) z sometimes dynamic short-term variations and z large annual and interannual variations; deep continental shelf floored by glacial deposits varying widely over short distances; high winds and large waves much of the year; ship icing, especially maj-October; most of region is remote from sources of search and rescue
HiszpaniaHiszpania periodic droughts
Wyspy SpratlyWyspy Spratly typhoons; numerous reefs and shoals pose a serious maritime hazard
Sri LankaSri Lanka occasional cyclones and tornadoes
SudanSudan dust storms and periodic persistent droughts
SurinamSurinam NA
SvalbardSvalbard ice floes often block the entrance to Bellsund (a transit point dla coal export) on the west coast and occasionally make parts of the northeastern coast inaccessible to maritime traffic
SuaziSuazi drought
SzwecjaSzwecja ice floes w the surrounding waters, especially w the Gulf of Bothnia, can interfere z maritime traffic
SzwajcariaSzwajcaria avalanches, landslides, flash floods
SyriaSyria dust storms, sandstorms
TajwanTajwan earthquakes and typhoons
TadzykistanTadzykistan earthquakes and floods
TanzaniaTanzania flooding on the central plateau during the rainy season; drought
TajlandiaTajlandia land subsidence w Bangkok area resulting from the depletion of the water table; droughts
Timor WschodniTimor Wschodni floods and landslides are common; earthquakes, tsunamis, tropical cyclones
TogoTogo hot, dry harmattan wind can reduce visibility w north during winter; periodic droughts
TokelauTokelau lies w Pacific typhoon belt
TongaTonga cyclones (pazdziernik to kwiecien); earthquakes and volcanic activity on Fonuafo'ou
Trynidad i TobagoTrynidad i Tobago outside usual path of hurricanes and other tropical storms
TunezjaTunezja NA
TurcjaTurcja severe earthquakes, especially w northern Turcja, along an arc extending from the Sea of Marmara to Lake Van
TurkmenistanTurkmenistan NA
Turks i CaicosTurks i Caicos frequent hurricanes
TuvaluTuvalu severe tropical storms are usually rare, but, w 1997, there were three cyclones; low level of islands make them sensitive to changes w sea level
UgandaUganda NA
UkrainaUkraina NA
Zjednoczone Emiraty ArabskieZjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie frequent sand and dust storms
Wielka BrytaniaWielka Brytania winter windstorms; floods
Stany ZjednoczoneStany Zjednoczone tsunamis, volcanoes, and earthquake activity around Pacific Basin; hurricanes along the Atlantic and Gulf of Meksyk coasts; tornadoes w the midwest and southeast; mud slides w California; forest fires w the west; flooding; permafrost w northern Alaska, a major impediment to development
Stany Zjednoczone Pacific Island Wildlife RefugesStany Zjednoczone Pacific Island Wildlife Refuges Baker, Howland, and Jarviss: the narrow fringing reef surrounding the island can be a maritime hazard

Kingman: wet or awash most of the time, maximum elevation of less than 1 m makes Kingman a maritime hazard

Midway, Johnston, and Palmyras: NA
UrugwajUrugwaj seasonally high winds (the pampero is a chilly and occasional violent wind that blows north from the Argentine pampas), droughts, floods; because of the absence of mountains, which act as weather barriers, all locations are particularly vulnerable to rapid changes from weather fronts
UzbekistanUzbekistan NA
VanuatuVanuatu tropical cyclones or typhoons (styczen to kwiecien); volcanic eruption on Aoba (Ambae) island began 27 listopad 2005, volcanism also causes minor earthquakes; tsunamis
WenezuelaWenezuela subject to floods, rockslides, mudslides; periodic droughts
WietnamWietnam occasional typhoons (maj to styczen) z extensive flooding, especially w the Mekong River delta
Wyspy DziewiczeWyspy Dziewicze several hurricanes w recent years; frequent and severe droughts and floods; occasional earthquakes
WakeWake occasional typhoons
Wallis i FutunaWallis i Futuna NA
Zachodni BrzegZachodni Brzeg droughts
Sahara ZachodniaSahara Zachodnia hot, dry, dust/sand-laden sirocco wind can occur during winter and spring; widespread harmattan haze exists 60% of time, often severely restricting visibility
SwiatSwiat large areas subject to severe weather (tropical cyclones), natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions)
JemenJemen sandstorms and dust storms w summer
ZambiaZambia periodic drought, tropical storms (listopad to kwiecien)
ZimbabweZimbabwe recurring droughts; floods and severe storms are rare
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