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Monako (2008)

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Monako 2008 roku

Podzial administracyjny none; there are no first-order administrative divisions as defined by the US Government, but there are four quarters (quartiers, singular - quartier); Fontvieille, La Condamine, Monako-Ville, Monte-Carlo
Struktura wiekowa 0-14 years: 15% (male 2,514/female 2,394)

15-64 years: 62.3% (male 10,047/female 10,312)

65 years and over: 22.7% (male 3,019/female 4,385) (2007 est.)
Rolinictwo none
Terytorium total: 1.95 sq km

land: 1.95 sq km

water: 0 sq km
Terytorium - porownanie wielkosci about three times the size of The Mall w Washington, DC
Tlo historyczne The Genoese built a fortress on the site of present-day Monako w 1215. The current ruling Grimaldi family secured control w the late 13th century, and a principality was established w 1338. Economic development was spurred w the late 19th century z a railroad linkup to Francja and the opening of a casino. Since then, the principality's mild climate, splendid scenery, and gambling facilities have made Monako world famous as a tourist and recreation center.
Wspolczynnik narodzin 9.12 births/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Budzet revenues: $863 million

expenditures: $920.6 million (2005 est.)
Stolica name: Monako

geographic coordinates: 43 44 N, 7 25 E

time difference: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday w marzec; ends last Sunday w pazdziernik
Klimat Mediterranean z mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers
Linia brzegowa 4.1 km
Konstytucja 17 grudzien 1962
Nazwa panstwa conventional long form: Principality of Monako

conventional short form: Monako

local long form: Principaute de Monako

local short form: Monako
Wspolczynnik zgonow 12.92 deaths/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Zadluzenie - zewnetrzne $18 billion (2000 est.)
Reprezentacja dyplomatyczna ze strony USA the US does not have an embassy w Monako; the US Ambassador to Francja is accredited to Monako; the US Consul General w Marseille (Francja), under the authority of the US ambassador to Francja, handles routine diplomatic and consular matters concerning Monako
Reprezentacja dyplomatyczna w USA chief of mission: Ambassador to the US and UN Gilles NOGHES

chancery: 565 Fifth Avenue, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10017

telephone: (212) 286-0500

FAX: (212) 286-1574
Miedzynarodowe dyskusje none
Ekonomiczna pomoc - pobieranie $NA
Ekonomia Monako, bordering Francja on the Mediterranean coast, is a popular resort, attracting tourists to its casino and pleasant climate. The principality also is a major banking center and has successfully sought to diversify into services and small, high-value-added, nonpolluting industries. The state has no income tax and low business taxes and thrives as a tax haven both dla individuals who have established residence and dla foreign companies that have set up businesses and offices. The state retains monopolies w a number of sectors, including tobacco, the telephone network, and the postal service. Living standards are high, roughly comparable to those w prosperous French metropolitan areas.
Elektrycznosc - konsumpcja NA kWh
Elektrycznosc - import NA kWh; note - electricity supplied by Francja
Skrajne punkty wysokosci lowest point: Mediterranean Sea 0 m

highest point: Mont Agel 140 m
Srodowisko - obecne problemy NA
Srodowisko - miedzynarodowe umowy party to: Air Pollution, Air Pollution-Sulfur 94, Air Pollution-Volatile Organic Compounds, Biodiversity, Klimat Change, Klimat Change-Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Endangered Species, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Marine Dumping, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Wetlands, Whaling

signed, but not ratified: none of the selected agreements
Grupy etniczne French 47%, Monegasque 16%, Italian 16%, other 21%
Kurs waluty euros per US dollar - 0.7345 (2007), 0.7964 (2006), 0.8041 (2005), 0.8054 (2004), 0.886 (2003)
Wladza wykonawcza chief of state: Prince ALBERT II (since 6 kwiecien 2005)

head of government: Minister of State Jean-Paul PROUST (since 1 czerwiec 2005)

cabinet: Council of Government is under the authority of the monarch

elections: none; the monarchy is hereditary; minister of state appointed by the monarch from a list of three French national candidates presented by the French Government
Eksport $716.3 million

note: full customs integration z Francja, which collects and rebates Monegasque trade duties; also participates w EU market system through customs union z Francja (2005)
Rok podatkowy rok kalendarzowy
Opis flagi two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and white; similar to the flag of Indonezja which is longer and the flag of Polska which is white (top) and red
Produkt krajowy brutto - podzial wg galezi przemyslu agriculture: 0%

industry: 4.9%

services: 95.1% (2005)
Produkt krajowy brutto - realny wspolczynnik wzrostu 0.9% (2000 est.)
Koordynaty geograficzne 43 44 N, 7 24 E
Polozenie geograficzne second-smallest independent state w the world (after Holy See); almost entirely urban
Ladowiska helikopterow 1 (2007)
Domowy dochód albo konsumpcja wg podzialu procentowego lowest 10%: NA%

highest 10%: NA%
Import NA kWh; note - electricity supplied by Francja
Import $916.1 million

note: full customs integration z Francja, which collects and rebates Monegasque trade duties; also participates w EU market system through customs union z Francja (2005)
Niepodleglosc 1419 (beginning of rule by the House of Grimaldi)
Wspolczynnik wzrostu produkcji w przemysle NA%
Przemysl tourism, construction, small-scale industrial and consumer products
Wspolczynnik umieralnosci noworodkow total: 5.27 deaths/1,000 live births

male: 6.09 deaths/1,000 live births

female: 4.4 deaths/1,000 live births (2007 est.)
Inflacja 1.9% (2000)
Czlonek miedzynarodowych organizacji ACCT, CE, FAO, IAEA, ICAO, ICC, ICCt (signatory), ICRM, IFRCS, IHO, IMO, IMSO, Interpol, IOC, IPU, ITSO, ITU, OIF, OPCW, OSCE, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, Union Latina, UNWTO, UPU, WHO, WIPO, WMO
Nawadniane tereny NA
Sadownictwo Supreme Court or Tribunal Supreme (judges appointed by the monarch on the basis of nominations by the National Council)
Sila robocza 44,000

note: includes workers from all foreign countries (2005 est.)
Granica total: 4.4 km

border countries: Francja 4.4 km
Zagospodarowanie terenu arable land: 0%

permanent crops: 0%

other: 100% (urban area) (2005)
Jezyki French (official), English, Italian, Monegasque
System prawny based on French law; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction
Wladza ustawodawcza unicameral National Council or Conseil National (24 seats; 16 members elected by list majority system, 8 by proportional representation; to serve five-year terms)

elections: last held 3 luty 2008 (next to be held luty 2013)

election results: percent of vote by party - UPM 52.2%, REM 40.5%, Monako Together 7.3%; seats by party - UPM 21, REM 3
Zywotnosc total population: 79.82 years

male: 75.99 years

female: 83.85 years (2007 est.)
Pismienni definition: age 15 and over can read and write

total population: 99%

male: 99%

female: 99% (2003 est.)
Lokalizacja Western Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of Francja, near the border z Wlochy
Lokalizacja na mapie Europe
Morskie obszary territorial sea: 12 nm

exclusive economic zone: 12 nm
Flota handlowa registered w other countries: 64 (Bahamas 11, Barbados 1, Georgia 10, Wyspa Man 3, Liberia 8, Malta 1, Wyspy Marshalla 7, Norwegia 5, Panama 11, St Kitts and Nevis 1, St Vincent and The Grenadines 6, unknown 1) (2007)
Wojsko - uwagi defense is the responsibility of Francja; the Palace Guard performs ceremonial duties (2003)
Swieto narodowe National Day (Saint Rainier's Day), 19 listopad (1857)
Narodowosc noun: Monegasque(s) or Monacan(s)

adjective: Monegasque or Monacan
Naturalne zagrozenia NA
Surowce naturalne none
Wspolczynnik migracji 7.65 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Partie polityczne i przywodcy Union dla Monako or UPM (including National Union dla the Future of Monako or UNAM); Rally and Issues dla Monako or REM; Monako Together
Przesladowania polityczne ugrupowan oraz liderow NA
Ludnosc 32,671 (lipiec 2007 est.)
Ludnosc zyjaca na skraju ubostwa NA%
Przyrost naturalny 0.386% (2007 est.)
Stacje radiowe AM 1, FM NA, shortwave 8 (1998)
Religie Roman Catholic 90%, other 10%
Wspolczynnik plci at birth: 1.06 male(s)/female

under 15 years: 1.05 male(s)/female

15-64 years: 0.974 male(s)/female

65 years and over: 0.688 male(s)/female

total population: 0.912 male(s)/female (2007 est.)
Prawo wyborcze 18 years of age; universal
System telefoniczny general assessment: modern automatic telephone system

domestic: NA

international: country code - 377; no satellite earth stations; connected by cable into the French communications system
Telefony - wykorzystywane linie telefoniczne 34,000 (2005)
Telefony komorkowe 17,200 (2005)
Stacje telewizyjne 5 (1998)
Uksztaltowanie terenu hilly, rugged, rocky
Wspolczynnik nardzin przypadajacy na kobiety 1.75 children born/woman (2007 est.)
Wspolczynnik bezrobocia 0% (2005)
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